Huxley’s “Blurred Demos”

huxleyIf there’s something we love more than plain old good music, it’s free plain old good music. And that’s just what were getting from one of our favorite dance floor obliterators. UK based producer Huxley is giving away a slew of 13 tracks that never made it onto to his album, Blurred. According to Huxley, none of the tracks are finished, mastered, or mixed – but maybe that’s just the charm. He tells us: “feel free to play, listen or delete at will… some of the really bad ones will still never see the light of day, but these are the ones that are just about listenable!” But hey, we’re not complaining one bit. We’ll take what we can get. Check out and download all 13 tracks below.

04. March 2015 by admin
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