Switching gears for a bit here to deliver a brand new interview with a stellar band known simply and appropriately as SWIMM running in conjunction with our CRSSD Fest interview series. You can grab festival weekend passes here! Originally from Florida, the duo has since made the journey to settle here in sunny L.A where they have been churning out fluid indie rock anthems. There’s a certain hazy euphoria emanating from their music that can’t be ignored and should totally be enjoyed on bike rides, road trips or lazy beach days.

At times classic rock and in other instances a rad psychedelic and shoegaze-y vibe, SWIMM serves up lots of sonic textures that keep us coming back for more. Two years ago they dropped a stellar 6 track EP titled ‘Feel’ and are now in the process of putting out new music leading up to their show at CRSSD. We got a chance to ask them about their sound, their influences and who they’re excited to see at CRSSD. You can also check out their latest single Beverly Hells down below which is up for grabs for free as well! And read the full interview after the jump.

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IHOS: How did the name “SWIMM” come about?

SWIMM: There was a December we spent New york.  It was the coldest winter New York had seen in years.  I had a head cold for almost the entirety of our stay and had set up a mini camp for myself in my friend’s apartment.  It was the cushion from a chair wedged in between the kitchen table, the back of his couch and a window that wouldn’t shut all the way.  Hence… my head cold.  I spent most of the month laying on that mat with blankets over me and headphones on listening to a new album.  It was by a band called Caribou and it was called Swim.  That is Not the reason we named our band SWIMM but sometimes it makes me happy that one of my favorite albums shares our namesake.  Truthfully there are lots of reasons we named it SWIMM.  Those reasons involve wanting to make music that could make someone feel weightless, growing up almost always in the water, and a wild lucid dream with the ghost of Pauly Shore.  (Semantics like life, death and time have no place in dream traveling apparently.)

IHOS: How did growing up in Florida influence your sound?

S: As I said above, being in the water constantly really affects everything you do.  And it bleeds its way into music and what you gravitate towards sonically.  If I grew up on a mountain maybe I would wanna make big ominous music?  Like more power chords or something?  But always surfing and swimming I kind of always search for fluidity.  I will say in our writing process now.. a huge influence has been the drastic difference of what it is like to live in downtown LA as opposed to a quaint beach town in Florida.  There is a lot to take in and a whole lot to umm … well regurgitate… hopefully in a pleasant manner.

IHOS: What made you decide to move to L.A? How has the city been treating you so far?

S: We really just wanted a change of pace.  We would travel to New York and California so much and love it so much.  Finally when some of the guys we were playing with in California had a spot open up in their warehouse we decided it was time.  We love it.  Once you learn to navigate your way into the good pockets in LA it is a really exciting and believe it or not, genuine place.

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IHOS: You guys have referred to your style of music as  “blurred sound.” Could you elaborate a bit more on what that means and why you are drawn to that style?

S: I think having those elements in music that are “blurred” or “washy” let the things that should be focused on become more relevant.  I think a notion that I don’t like that I notice in indie music is running with that blurred sound across the board and losing any real focus of anything.  But having those things helps give it an instant cinematic feel.

IHOS: What can we expect to hear from you at CRSSD festival?

S: Mostly just me asking Tyson Ziebarth where the after party is gonna be.  🙂  We are releasing some new music in a few weeks so definitely that.

IHOS: What other acts are you looking forward to sharing the stage with at CRSSD?

 S: Big Wild did a really cool remix of one our songs and I’ve never met him so I am excited to see his set.  I think Chromeo will be fun to dance at.  Odesza has that awesome video and rad stuff so I’m sure that will be fun.  And well.. James Murphy is somewhat of a demigod to me… so yea I’m gonna be dorking out over whatever he is playing.

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IHOS: We love your “Feel” EP. How did it come about? Where did the idea get started?

S: Thank you!  Before the Feel EP Adam and I were playing music within the confines of a two piece band.  We had loads of fun doing that but I wasn’t really into writing that kind of music anymore.  I kind of had an musical identity crisis and then clarity that I could write whatever I would actually want to listen to and not necessarily just what I think other people would like to party to.  That is when we started writing music for SWIMM.

IHOS: What are 5 tracks you can’t live without?

S: You know what I’ve already started a debate on one of our instagram posts about how much I love James Murphy so I’m just gonna go ahead and drive that into the ground.  Here are 5 James Murphy tracks I can’t live without.

1.  “Losing my Edge”
2.  “Yeah (Crass Version)”
3.  “All my Friends”  (This is Adams favorite)
4.  “Dance Yourself Clean”
5.  “Tribulations”

There many others that have surpassed this one for me now but it was the first song I heard from him that made me go to the record store in Jacksonville Beach and buy the double disc…  which upon listening I thought “i don’t get this at all.. but I love it.”



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