Jamie xx – “Gosh (Official Music Video)”

We are patiently anticipating the release of Jamie xx‘s new album In Colour which will see the light of day on June 2nd via Young Turks. Four singles have already leaked and are brilliantly showcasing the array of tones and textures that we have to look forward to from Jamie. And there has also been plenty of visuals to go along with the tracks, the latest of which is the new music video for “Gosh.“ The slinky, glitchy, percussion laden track is flanked by pitch altered vocal samples and a dark, menacing melody. The sounds from the track are juxtaposed with slow moving pans of outer space that are both majestic and beautifully abstract. Towards the last minute or so of the track he introduces a gorgeous high pitched tone that takes the track to another level. We are beyond ready to own this album.

30. April 2015 by admin
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