Toro Y Moi – “Freelance (Official Music Video)”


Everything Chad Bear touches turns to ear gold. Seriously. The last we’d heard from him, he’d put out an excellent collection of pop rock songs that made you want to sing along for ever. His ability to be thoroughly dynamic in a cookie cutter world is vibrantly refreshing. This time he’s returned as Toro y Moi with a track that’s nod to his Les Sins days. It’s slinky, upbeat and could’ve very well borrowed a few pointers from The Talking Heads. In an article for Vogue, writer Rachel Hahn builds the bridge between the song’s loose “normcore” themes. Bear tells Vogue, “This is music for someone who has a brain that’s just constantly thinking,” he says. “They’re okay with being trendy or not being trendy, [because] they’re aware of what the trends are. I think that’s all that matters now. I think that’s the essence of normcore: You know about all of these higher worlds of culture, but you choose not to participate, almost [in] a subcultural way. It’s an awareness—like, yeah, I know what it is, but it’s not me.” We get you Chad. And we love your new music video.

25. October 2018 by admin
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