Satin Jackets feat. David Harks – “Shadow Of You”


We love a good repeat collaboration. Especially one that did everything right the first two times around. David Harks has returned to embellish yet another creamy delivery from the legendary modern disco producer Satin Jackets. This time track dances around in SJ‘s seductively signature chord progressions, breezily wrapping itself around David Hark‘s passionate vocals in true SJ fashion. “It’s always a pleasure to work with Tim,” explains David, “… I wrote this particular song about dancing with your shadow, the darkness in yourself. It’s the part of you, your conscience I guess, that even when you’re on your own, wherever you are, will always be there with you and needs to be acknowledged.” Its deeper meaning only strengthens our appreciation for this heavenly slice of aural gold. Melt away your worries below.

20. March 2019 by admin
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