NOW AVAILABLE: “Unlock” by TUCH (Debut Single)


International House of Sound presents the debut single “Unlock” from TUCH. The single premiered this fall with friends over at Discobelle, and if you weren’t lucky enough to cop one of the first hundred downloads via Soundcloud, head over to iTunes for a copy of the single.

TUCH’s first single “Unlock” draws from that classic and raw R&B emotion paired deep with grumbling bass & cascading vocals to deliver a powerful lyrical treatment. “Unlock” taps into raw emotive sounds that resonate with everyone who hears them. The track is an approachable and addictive aural treat which lingers in your mind long after the song is over. So dive in. “Unlock” is a free download. If you dig, don’t forget give the band a like on Facebook, as they’ll be rolling out with new material very, very soon. Until then sink your teeth into this lush debut.

25. November 2014 by admin
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