Marc Brauner – “Sad But Ambitious”


The Houseum Records crew is a continuous source of jams on jams. Not only do they have an ear for top notch house, but they highlight some of the best up and coming artists around. One of their latest releases peaked our interest. His name is Marc Brauner and he also forms half of the Traffic Report duo. This is his first vinyl EP with the formidable imprint titled Sad But Ambitious and here is a bit more on the title track from the label:

“The title track of the EP has its name to mark a time in Marc Brauner’s life where he felt sad about his life and work situation but still was ambitious enough to keep working on the tracks that are finally getting their release now. It comes with a nostalgic charm invoked by rising pads and classic drums combined with a deep bassline and a tear drop bell melody. It’s a melancholic track, which you can both dance and cry too.”

21. June 2019 by admin
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