Jerry Bouthier – Heart & Soul #5 Mixtape


Good things tend to come to us when least expected throughout our lives. This mix comes to us directly after about a month of existing, but we’re not complaining. Jerry Bouthier flaunts an exquisitely sophisticated mix to get us in the mood for February 14th.  If you don’t have a sweetheart, maybe it’s time to find one, or simply fantasize about love. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. He describes his process:

“The original impulse is to bridge fashion’s evocative atmospheres with dancefloor aesthetics and bring as many elements of surprise as possible into a different kind of DJ mix. For three months any interesting track I come across I put on the side and when I get down to business I try to develop a story out of these varied components, a bit like a book or a film to listen to. These mixes carefully crafted at length aren’t about the latest promos, I don’t even pay that much attention to who the artists are, I let the music speak for itself, not all tracks are recent, but by focusing above all on melodies, it (hopefully) makes sense once all meshed together.”

That’s exactly why hold Jerry Bouthier at the top of our  DJs to see live list. Maybe we will catch him in LA this year?  Just putting the energy out there…

04. February 2015 by admin
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