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We have a new reason for you to grab a free download of our bud Jerry Bouthier‘s most recent ‘Heart & Soul’ installment. Ahead of the drop of “Heart & Soul #13” slated for a summer release, Jerry shares a particularly potent mini-mix of “Heart & Soul #12” with stunning effects. The five and a half minute long mix blends together our favorite moments from the tape. This time he even teamed up with Yoka Music Pro who directed a video for the mini-mix featuring the stunning drag artist (and pillar of the iconic Plastic Club in Milan) Lilly Love in full blown Jean Harlow 1930s glamour. The video is a series of overlays cut together in a psychedelic amalgamation that mirrors the seamless threading in the songs. Much like his “Heart & Soul” tapes, Jerry has a romantic view on the possibilities and potential of mixes. Follow the jump to read his own words on the necessity of feel-good music in current times!

On the side of doing dj mixes for some of my favourites labels such as Kitsuné, Emerald & Doreen, Gomma and my own Continental imprint, I’ve developed a personal mixtape series named Heart & Soul (free to download every few months on my website www.jerrybouthier.com), a different kind of dj mix, feminine, sensual and at times ecstatic, inspired by my work as sound-designer for fashion.


For the last volume Heart & Soul #12, Alex Heyoka from Yoka Music Pro (http://yokamusicpro.com/and myself have produced a video for the 5’ MiniMix featuring mesmerising drag artist Lilly Love (in her Jean Harlow guise)a pillar of the infamous Plastic club in Milan
[I have made many friends in that special place and recently released the single “You Be” (feat. Cristina Bugatty) with itsSaturday night djs Club Domani (Andrea Ratti & Sergio Tavelli).]
WATCH THE VIDEO http://bit.ly/YouBeVideo 
Unlike a bunch of promos quickly slung together, these Heart & Soul mixes are conceived to outlast fads. They’re like my diary-albums of time passing by, collections of mostly unnoticed gems, oddballs and rarities preciously gathered with love and often remodelled to fit their new picture. 
As a DJ, I’d always focused on making people dance, however producing soundtracks for the catwalk opened my ears to the possibilities of mixing different kinds of music together, suggesting constant new angles, as well as a more relaxed approach that doesn’t have to bash, although funky so you can still dance to it.
The emotions prevail, and genres become irrelevant against the strength of the composition. As long as they deliver some kind of magic, take you away, the style doesn’t matter so much, it’s what inside that counts!
I like to think this is my personal take on balearic, you know blending all kinds just as long it’s got an amazing vibe (easy when you don’t have to license tracks and have carte blanche to use what you want), with a little chic of course, I’m French mais oui.

After a decade of working for fashion houses & designers (I was music director at Vivienne Westwood putting together over 50 shows for its various labels and have collaborated with many from London to Milan, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul…), the experience has made me more demanding with music. A fashion show is short and has no time for fillers or dull moments. Every single track has to bring emotional fire to the mix in its own ways. Sure, it’s mostly all 4/4… house, disco and funk dominate–sexy 21st century dance music, one may say– but there are also slower tempos, the occasional vocals, orchestras, worldy moods, trippy stuff…  a mishmash of sensations to make you fall in love with life, like a book or a film to listen to.

All I’m trying to say is that melody is still cool, how can it not be when it’s so powerful and enchanting? It’s just got to be meaningful, and true, well thought out with character… the opposite of the factory line.”

Catch the video down below!


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