Touch Sensitive – “Teen Idols”


The mighty Future Classic label is getting ready to drop an end-of-year compilation which they like to call ‘Teen Idols’ and a couple of days ago they shared the hypnotic title track from Touch Sensitive. This vocal cut laden gem incorporates some familiar and infectious doo-wop vocals with a swinging house beat. Here is what Touch Sensitive told FADER:

“People have short attention spans these days and some pop hooks are only couple of words (if that), so it’s a bit of a nod to that world you could say.”

The way he chopped and altered the vocals is a lesson in melody and rhythm. Pair that with a sweat inducing garage track and you have yourself a track that is ready to shatter dance floors everywhere. Warm, melodic, funky, R&B inspired and an infectious feel-good vibe. Anyone looking for a mood boost should stop what they’re doing and hit play below. Trust us.

08. December 2014 by admin
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