Touch Sensitive – “Lay Down”


The “Pizza Guy” a.k.a Touch Sensitive is back! We’ve been waiting for a while for new music from the Future Classic member. And we got what we wished for and more in a new track titled “Lay Down.” It’s delectably retro in all the right spots with nods to 90s R&B and glossy dance tracks of present day. And, of course, he brought the fire with new visuals! This dreamy gem is actually an older track from a few years ago that is finally getting the release it deserves. Here’s a little about the origins of the track:

“3 years ago Hayden James filmed me playing a track on the beach atYour Paradise — well tonight at 6:10pm it’s being premiered by Linda Marigliano on triple j and it’s available tomorrow for your downloading and streaming pleasure (PS it’s called “Lay Down”)”

The track is actually out now and you can get it here!

01. June 2017 by admin
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