Mogul – “Free Limitation EP”


Berlin is one of the cities we are dying to visit. The music, the art and the culture in general are a constant source of attraction for us. We already have some of our favorite producers churning out top music from there and it looks like we are adding a new name to that list! Mogul is the relatively new producer that has been taking over our speakers for the last couple of days. His ‘Free Limitation’ EP dropped a couple of weeks ago via the NDYD imprint. And the entire EP is filled to the brim with standout tracks.

It’s rare to find releases that make it difficult for you to choose just one standout track, but Mogul definitely held onto our undivided attention for all five jams. The EP is a mix of future funk, future disco and bits of nu R&B. It’s pretty safe to say that it’s right up our alley! The best part about it is that there’s tracks for any mood you happen to be in from lounging to straight up dance floor fodder.

He kicks things off with the stellar lead track “Get Freaky” oozing some of that irresistible funk attitude featuring vocals from Sugar. And from there things get extra sultry and seductive with “Without A Doubt” and the soulful, jazzy burner “Can’t Hold On”“Artistic” brings a majestic and cinematic vibe while “Some Days” rounds out the release on an infectious feel-good note. What a way to debut! Keep the gems coming Mogul!

11. June 2015 by admin
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