Jordan Raf – “Asphalt”

L.A’s very own Jordan Raf premiered his video for “Asphalt” a few days ago. The singer presents an eerie and nostalgic video for the hazy surf rock track. The effortless and mysterious vibe of the visuals is mesmerizing and we can’t help but feel the longing in the lyrics that much more. Everything about it harkens to the allure of the self-destructive “bad boy” and the seduction in the carefree laissez faire philosophy towards life. Here is what Jordan had to say about it:

“My first video was supposed to be an expensive disaster. A beautiful and shiny polemic about gender, sexuality and American inequities. But I don’t have the budget for that shit. I’m still in college. So you’ll have to make due with these stoned wanderings in a pixelated wifebeater through Mexico. It’s like like a Touch of Evilshot by the low-budget Latin equivalent of Harmony Korine…I was heartbroken and went to Mexico with my friend, Tucker…In the meantime, there’s this document of my heartache and excess through Baja, another idiot American searching for some meaning among the starving dogs and shady alleys.”

12. August 2015 by admin
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