Indian Wells – “Alcantara”


Cántara is the Spanish word for “large pitcher.” Add an “al” and dispose of the accent mark and you end up with the English word alcantara, or material “produced by combining an advanced spinning process (producing very low denier bi-component “islands in the sea” fibre) and chemical and textile production processes (needle punching, buffing, impregnation, extraction, finishing, dyeing, etc.) which interact with each other.” It is largely found in automobile seats, helmets clothing, jewelry and other miscellaneous objects.

“Alcantara” is also the title of a track from Italian producer Indian Wells‘ forthcoming seven-track album coming via the Bad Panda Label. It’s a marching, wind-chiming electronic lullaby that was premiered by XLR8R earlier today. March 9th can’t come soon enough. Enjoy the full track listing from this atmospheric release listed below.

1. Lipsia
2. Alcantara
3. Mountains
4. Changes
5. Pause/Vignelli
6. Games In The Yard (feart Matide Davoli)
7. New York Nights

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