Full Crate x Mar – “Nobody Else”


Prepare yourselves mentally for the multiple eargasms that this track will induce! The dynamic duo known as Full Crate x Mar are back with a sizzling follow up to their highly acclaimed “Man x Woman.“ Their latest panty-dropper is called “Nobody Else” and it continues where “Man x Woman” left off. A rolling, polished house groove with powerful synth chords fading in and out creates the perfect playground for Mar’s mesmerizing vocals.

This track is gearing up to be their next big hit. It delivers on all front’s for us: shimmering production, soulful vocals, beautiful lyrics, plenty of sex-appeal, great artwork, etc. The beat breaks in all the right spots, allowing the message to shine and then re-emerges to a stunning effect. House with a bit of R&B flavor, who could possibly turn that down?

Catch it on iTunes on November 9th!

31. October 2014 by admin
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