Darius ft. Wayne Snow – “Lost In The Moment (Official Video)”

It’s been a great day so far with a steady stream of new releases. One of the highlights definitely has to be the first single from Darius‘ forthcoming debut album ‘Utopia’ which drops on November 24th! It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Darius, but this new single totally solidified why we are such huge fans of his music.

The track is called Lost In The Moment and it features Nigerian singer and songwriter Wayne Snow who has collaborated with the Roche Musique on a few projects before. Darius’ harmonious chords chime along with a gorgeous ebb and flow in the synths serving up some powerful undulating builds and soulful breakdowns. To think this only the first single off the album makes us look forward to more.

The track also came with a brand new music video that ties into the ‘Utopia’ concept. It follows a young woman in a dry deserted landscape as she joins two friends to explore the setting. You get shots of a stunning eclipse and a landscape that is familiar yet still alien almost like a colony of Earth on a distant planet. It’s familiar and new all at the same time. They come across a body of water that leads to an astonishing sight when they take the dive. Check it out up above.

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