BEA – “Filthy Believer”

BEA had one of the most hauntingly beautiful singles of 2014. She’s mysteriously real – and that’s what we love most about her. She makes sweet pop music with an unconventionally odd aesthetic that works almost too well. She’s back with a new single titled “Filthy Believer” and some pink eye candy to accompany it.  Her last music video, “We’re Like the Hard Born,” was filmed using a selfie stick. But results were refreshing despite our current generation’s obsession with the “selfie.” She told the Opening Ceremony blog:

“The selfie stick was a great tool for shooting myself whilst capturing the observance of myself, and simultaneously a commercial product that symbolizes social change. Visually, I found this very interesting to apply to a song that is pretty much about detachment.”

This track is soft in nature (an accomplishment of all other BEA tracks) and peaks with layered trumpet synths at the chorus -adding a bitter, jazzy feel. Could this video be another exploration of the self? If this isn’t what’s next in pop music, we want absolutely nothing to do with it. Enjoy.

16. January 2015 by admin
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