Zimmer – “Landing (Official Video)”


Zimmer gives us a rare look inside the VIRGO observatory in Pisa, Italy in his new video. The video coincides with the release of his new single “Landing.” With the video he shines a light on the historic work of his father and the team of scientists that detected Gravitational Waves for the first time at the LIGO lab dawning a new age of possibilities for space exploration. The track mirrors this bubbling excitement that stems from exploration and innovation. It’s uplifting, emotional, humbling and inspirational. The cinematography is breathtaking. Big ups to Zimmer for broadening our perspectives with music and art. The single drops this Friday, July 13th via Roche Musique. Here’s a bit more detail from the man himself:

“In 2015, scientists detected Gravitational Waves for the first time. My father was one of them. This is the story of 30 years of research, the discovery of a lifetime. We had the unique chance to shoot inside Virgo, the European Gravitational Waves observatory located in Pisa, Italy. Every shot is real.

Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time. They are caused by the most violent events in the universe, like the fusion of two black holes. They happen million of light years away, yet are smaller than the size of an atom. Their Nobel prized discovery will allow us to observe the Universe in a way never before possible. Gravitational Waves were detected for the first time by LIGO. VIRGO detected Gravitational Waves for the first time in 2017.”

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