Yuksek – “Sunrise (Official Music Video)”


Get a load of Yuksek‘s new music video for his latest single “Sunrise.” The track is a classic disco cut with one of his signature funky bass lines. It’s mellifluous and pop tinged inflections are used beautifully to get you both dancing and singing along. It’s one of those tracks you can listen to anytime, anywhere, but our favorite spot is in the car during a sunset drive. The video follows a couple living a life that doesn’t fit current beauty standards, but is still beautiful either way. Yuksek is also featured in the video as a sort of invisible character that joins the couple for the day. It’s also a bit humorous and is set in L.A with a bunch of cliché elements one would associate with L.A life. Entertaining and stunning just the way we like it. Big ups to Yuksek for this one!

He has also announced his album ‘Nous Horizon’ so mark your calendars for a January 20th release!

11. November 2016 by admin
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