The Completely Boys – “Boy’s Zone EP”


Sydney strikes again! There’s a new collaborative project hitting the scene going by the moniker The Completely Boys. The duo is composed of producers Andrew Boon(a.k.a Frames) and Tom Gilmore(a.k.a B.O.O.M.A) who are looking to conquer those dimly lit late night dance floors. Their mission:

“Small rooms, low ceilings, smoke machines. Shifting silhouettes, raised arms, chemically-enhanced sweat – The Completely Boys make music firmly aimed at the late night dance floor…The Completely Boys make loopy, hypnotic and nuanced long-form club music. Less is more. Tension and release.”

And this is exactly what they have done with a beautifully spacious two track EP. Soft and resonant tones echo and loop through a solid hi-hat and minimal drum beat on the A-side “Moving Out.“ That ebb and flow groove should have plenty of bodies swaying. On the flip side you can catch “Hard 4 U” with a faster tempo, more pronounced percussive elements and slinky bassline. A blissful surprise comes when those warm chimes are introduced to the shuffling beat to take you even higher. Really good stuff from this promising new duo! Grab the release over on iTunes via October Records.

27. March 2015 by admin
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