The Blaze – “QUEENS (Official Video)”

The highly anticipated debut album, DANCEHALL,’ is almost here. Friday could not come soon enough. To quench our thirst for the release, The Blaze shared a brand new track off the album called “Queens” and this time it comes with an official video. One of the things they do so well is that they are able to capture and reflect what it is to be human and to be alive.

There’s a lot of thought put into the shots and the art direction that matches up perfectly with the music. This short tells the story of the powerful bond between two young women growing up together. The story is circular and ends where we begin, set in an intimate funeral for one of the two main characters. It’s so gripping that we experience every visceral emotion, struggle, laugh and triumph with the characters. Admittedly, we got pretty emotional at some parts as we did with every video that they’ve put out thus far.

05. September 2018 by admin
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