TCTS – “Coupe De Ville”


Sam O’Neill, a.k.a TCTS, injects a bit of old school house into his latest single going by the name of “Coupe De Ville.“ This classic, slinky house groove oozes cool from its core. The low, baritone vocals from Aniff Akinola add an extra oomph that is hard to resist. And, honestly, why would you want to resist a track this good? There’s a playful quality in the beat that gives some nods to old school hip-hop as well. Simple is the way to go sometimes and this track is a testament to Sam’s skills in composition. Hit play once and it is guaranteed that you will want to hear it a few dozen times after that. Trust us.

The track will be seen on TCTS’ upcoming ‘Body EP’ over on MTA Records so keep an ear out for that!

21. January 2015 by admin
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