Panoramic – “City Lights”


We have been pointed in the direction of a very promising young duo that goes by the name Panoramic, composed of 17 year old Ariel Gumora and 18 year old Ben Maxwell from Oakland.  Their name really says a lot about their music and this first single “City Lights” has been making its rounds in our minds and our speakers for about a week and counting.  There is something really beautiful about chill house that taps into nostalgic drives through the city at night.  The track carries a strong ambient vibe with stellar instrumental additives that just take it to the next level.  It might be too early to tell, but judging by this amazing track we predict big things for these two.  Panoramic, remember that name.  Dive in and see for yourselves.

AND by the way, the track is up for grabs for free so get on it!

04. July 2014 by admin
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