Another year is coming to an end and we here at International House of Sound wanted to take time to give a few shoutouts to standout tunes we feel are essential to your playlists.  It’s easy to call us music elitists, and while we do believe we have superior taste in comparison to a lot of people out there, we’d like to make it clear that we acknowledge differences in music.  We acknowledge differences so vast, we understand there will never be a universal scale with which to judge it. We don’t really know why our (totally subjective) taste is better; it just is. We also understand we didn’t come across every single release out there this year.  Bottom line: if you’ve got internet access you’ve got a platform with which to release music, and there is just too many releases across all genres that deserve to be at the top.  With that said, we’d like to present you with a list of our most notable and favorite releases that we came across this past year.  You can use it at your house party in lieu of a crappy DJ.  This list isn’t the top, or the best, or sacred.  It’s just fucking great.  Enjoy after the jump.

Yooj & Steve Huerta – “Make Me Bad”

This release came to us via Avotre on June 13th.  The craftsmanship, build and bass elements of this killer track were made to engulf dance floors.  These (Yooj & Steve Huerta) guys are pure fire.  We also hear Leeds based producer Darius Syrossian‘s remix on the release.  If this is new for you, add it to your list in the next few days.  You’ve still got time to make it your favorite.

Lana Del Rey – “Summer Time Sadness (Feel It In The Air MK Remix)”


What can be easily dismissed as one of the most overly played tracks of the year, regains life in this unbelievable remix from MK that screams for Lana to collaborate with different producers.  The track breathes new life into what could be a hackneyed ear sore.  Lana’s voice remains blissful, just reinforced with deep bass and steady house beats.

Bodhi – “Imperfection”


This release came to us via Future Classic on October 7 from UK (home of a thriving house scene) based producers Bodhi (Luke & Olly).  A nice deep Fall imperfectly perfect treat for the cooler months that came to stay.  The guys toured after the release with fellow UK producers Bondax.  Purchase the vinyl here.


Urulu – “Shoe Laces”


Urulu, based out of LA by the way of the UK, dropped this single via XLR8R in celebration of his mini Fall tour around the US.  This sweet jam is supported by funky bass lines and traditional 90′s house beats.  Download it via XLR8R.

Flume & Chet Faker – “Lockjaw” (EP)


We think it’s safe to say that Flume has had a big year and his recent partner in crime, Chet Faker, doesn’t fall far behind either.  Both of these talented Aussie producers have put out some truly mouthwatering tracks seperately, so when we heard that they were coming out with a collaborative EP our hearts skipped a beat.  The EP is titled Lockjaw and the level of polished, sophisticated, complex and lush soundscapes in this three-track EP deserve a shoutout. Add this EP to your chill lists.

Branded James – “Close To This”


L.A’s very own Branded James has also been making waves in all the right places.  With a number of eargasmic remixes under his belt and polished original tracks, this up-and-coming producer is gearing up to go far.  His latest original, “Close To This” is a smooth ride from start to finish.  Dreamy tropical nu disco eases the mind and melts your troubles away.  Don’t think about it twice, pick it up here.

Goldroom – “Embrace EP”


Los Angeles based producer Josh Legg (Goldroom) is a blessing.  His dedication to music has snowballed into what has proudly become one of our household names.  The release included a few mature tracks we’d delighted in and climaxed with one of our favorite tracks to date “Embrace.”  A must own for underground pop enthusiasts.

Hot Natured – “Different Sides of The Sun”


Throughout the year we got tastes here and there of the highly anticipated album Different Sides of The Sun by Hot Natured.  The first morsel thrown our way came in the form of the ever-popular track Reverse Skydiving“ featuring vocals from Anabel Englund.  And then came Isis (Magic Carpet Ride)“ which featured guest vocals from one of the pillars in the L.A dance music scene from the 80s, The Egyptian Lover.  The entire album is worth the purchase and will definitely bring the fire to any dance floor. 

5 Reasons – “Night Drive In Moscow (feat. Patrick Baker)”


It’s easy to say that a track is unforgettable, but this one truly lives up to the title.  Night Drive In Moscow sounds expensive, oozes chic and leaves you completely satisfied.  And to our surprise this piece of aural gold comes from 5 Reasons, a 16 year old Russian producer that is talented beyond his years, to say the least.  It is also one of the first tracks that we were introduced to the smooth vocals of Patrick Baker.  Let this one sink in deep.

Patrick Baker – “Reckless Love”


And speaking of Patrick Baker, this Nashville based nu-jack swing purveyor has made a huge impact on our radar this year with hit after hit.  His seductive deep house dance floor banger, “Reckless Love” really showed us his skills as a singer, songwriter and producer.  If you are ever short of any tunes for a party playlist don’t hesitate to head over to his Soundcloud page because there is no shortage of effortlessly cool tracks.  We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the new year!

Cromie & Sage Caswell – “Vines /Pyrex”cromieandsage

A first and excellent release from Brooklyn based Peach, comes from LA based producers Cromie and Sage Caswell.  We caught the duo last week in the OC and were pleasantly unsurprised by their chemistry.  These guys are definitely something special when they DJ together.  We hope to party with them and to their many new anthems a lot more in the new year.

Ben Pearce – “What I Might Do”


Manchester DJ and Producer Ben Pearce‘s ”What I Might Do” was played by Solomun all summer long before it was picked up by Pete Tong at BBC 1 around early September.  The released was dropped with remixes by Harry Wolfman and Bonar Bradberry.  I don’t think we have to do any convincing or explaining here.

Templeton – “Search (Original Mix)”


Another L.A based talent to garner attention this year is Templeton who has put out some serious jams including his most recent affair, “Search”.  It is the epitome of a deep house dance floor banger and it sounds even better live.  If you get a chance to catch one of his sets in person, don’t think about it to hard because he puts on a great show.  Keep an eye on this one, he’s going places.

MK – “Always (Route 94 Remix)”


When house master MK released his ‘Always’ LP back in 1992 it climbed to the top of U.S Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and cloaked every dancefloor in a shroud of mystery and seduction.  Years later the title track is still being experimented on by some of today’s rising producers.  One that stood out from the pack was the elusive and talented Route 94 who injects the original into a punchy, bass-filled groove that molds Alana Simon‘s vocals into all the right spots.  Snatch it up here.

Disciples – “Remedy”


If you are looking for a smooth and impeccably produced banger to add to your end-of-the-year playlist, then look no further because the London based trio Disciples has got you covered.  Their standout ‘Remedy’ EP  arrived as a pleasant surprise on the transition from Summer to Fall and we couldn’t shake the title track from our memory.  The bass hits you right from the beginning and never leaves your side, while soulful R&B-esque vocals and a resounding bassline give the track a summertime glow.

Avatism – “Different Spaces (feat. Forrest)”


When Milan’s Avatism released his debut LP ‘Adamant’ no one knew what to expect, but his unpredictability is his allure.  The entire LP has a dark, brooding aura around it with sudden shifts in the tempo that hint towards dance-floor environments.  The track that replays over and over in our heads is “Different Spaces” which features slow, breathy vocals from Forrest.  The track carries subdued techno inflections with deep house soundscapes that leave a lasting impression.  Check out the entire album here.

Gesaffelstein – “Pursuit”


While Martin Garrix may have taken the mainstream spotlight this year with regards to bangers, we reserved a different spot in our hearts for Gesaffelstein and the masterpiece that is his music video for “Pursuit.”

Peter & The Magician – “On My Brain (feat. Sophie Galpin)”


The Magician has been showing up on our radar for a while now with his extra special ‘Magic Tape’ series and French electronic music producer Yuksek, a.k.a Peter, has also made quite a reputation for himself with hit after hit and launching his Partyfine label.  So, naturally, when we heard that both powerhouse producers were putting out a collaborative track together we had to check it out.  It arrived on the first glorious day of summer and “On My Brain” added that extra ‘umph’ to the season.

Lancelot – “Thinking Of You (ft. Whyte Fang)” (Original Mix)


This gem definitely made its way into our hearts this year.  Sydney based Lancelot has been pumping out some truly delectable jams this year and his Thinking Of You” EP was way up there for us.  The title track is a sultry, lush escapade with a bassline to die for and sexy siren vocals.  Don’t miss this purchase.  Take it with you on a night drive through the city.

Roosevelt – “Elliot”


There’s nothing a like a bit of heavy bass // electronica beats to comfort you on a cold day, or light your fire on the dance floor on a night out.  Whatever your mood this dreamy indie/house cross over from Roosevelt (Cologne-based producer Marius Lauber) is perfect in every way. This is what kids in 2004 wished they danced to.  Instead they had Death From Above 1979 and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Pick it up via Greco-Roman.

Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep – ” Sacrifice EP”


Simian Mobile Disco are classic DJ’s here in LA and probably everywhere else.  We’ve caught them at FYF fest twice, and they always put on an incredible show.  This collaboration with London based producer Bicep had us salivating when we first heard about it.  The result was as intelligent and eclectic as the video below.


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