Nalepa – “Paradise of One (feat. Jimetta Rose)”

Jimetta Rose

In recent years the Los Angeles beat scene has gained attention for its blend of bass, unconventional rhythms, and ambient textures that feel equally indebted to modern jazz, hip hop, and science fiction. Among the scene frontrunners are Team Supreme, a collection of producers who compete each week to see who can best build a song around a chosen sample and BPM. This fast-paced producing format prioritizes innovation and respect for source material, and the results are frequently great, always fascinating.

Two days ago Team Supreme shared member/collaborator/producer Nalepa’s gorgeous ambient track “Paradise of One (feat. Jimetta Rose)”. This is collaboration in the truest sense of the word: Jimetta Rose’s confident yet vulnerable voice and Nalepa’s restrained, twinkling production form an astral tapestry about love and longing. Distant chirps, dry snares, aqueous piano chords, oscillating synths, and swelling strings revolve around Rose’s musings on her cyclical search for intimacy. His restrained production balances her expansive vocals, and Rose’s talents in particular become more apparent with subsequent listens. A fascinating recording, “Paradise of One” has our attentions fixed on future releases from Nalepa and Jimetta Rose, who have proven themselves to be fantastic artists both individually and collaboratively.

26. August 2014 by Anthony Yarbrough
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