Miknna – “Ness (Official Video)”


(Photo by Sean Nana)

It’s great to find up-and-coming talent coming from our very own L.A. And it’s even better when they have a signature sound and polished aesthetic. They’re a duo going by the name Miknna and riding on that new wave of music that is transcending genres by using an amalgamation of elements. For Mike B. and Ken Nana (the faces behind the project), their interests lie in the fresh take on R&B, soul, electronic production and hip hop. Their first single Ness serves up some “retro synths, pulsating 808s and effortless catchy melodies that give a familiar sound a new perspective.” Don’t sleep on these guys. They’re definitely ones to watch. Check out the official video serving up a beautifully shot storyline following a guy completely mesmerized by a mysterious leading lady all tying into a consistent color palette.

24. September 2016 by admin
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