Laurence Guy – “Bamboo + Knotweed”


London disco/house don Laurence Guy is taking us to Church (Records that is) with his forthcoming  ‘Bamboo’ EP.   And if his mission was to get us in the mood to sweat it out, I’ll say he definitely succeeded. The level of elegance in his productions knows no bounds. The title track is majestic in every sense of the word. A solid and powerful percussive beat holds everything together while ethereal chiming tones dance around with unparalleled grace. And you have to love that saucy funk/disco flavor thrown into the mix to deliver that final punch.

On the flip-side you can catch “Knotweed” as it kicks things off with a killer bass stab onslaught while grainy chords delicately bubble to the surface. Once you hear that sax emerge from the foreground with a stunning vocal sample, you’ll get sense of why you should dive deep into Laurence’s music. And these are just the first two tracks he’s shared from the EP. Two more remain and we are patiently waiting for another taste. Keep your ears to the ground for a release date!

23. June 2016 by admin
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