Kilo Kish – “Obsessing”

Kilo Kish is one of those artists that is difficult to overlook. She has a keen sense of self and exactly what she wants to get across with her music which makes her such a standout. Her blend of R&B, rap and hip hop merging with elements of electronic music makes her a sonic chameleon that can appeal to everyone. Her debut album, Reflections in Real Time,’ came out last year where she was vulnerable and brilliant bringing up thought provoking topics that often led to self reflection. One of the tracks off the album called “Obsessing” resurfaced with a beautiful, self-directed video today. In it she brings to fruition her own “obsession” with “this image of an individual malfunctioning, a cog in the flow of society.”

And for those of you trying to see her live you can catch her on tour next month with Vince Staples!

18. January 2017 by admin
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