IHOS PREMIERE: Nyiko – “Lust For Luv”

TTRS007_Cover_3000x3000LA based Nyiko is back with his latest single, “Lust For Luv”-a wonderfully and colorfully upbeat pop ballad that makes us want to equal parts dance and fall in love. Nyiko describes the song’s ode to being in a blurry state of confusion, “When does passionate attraction turn into love and caring? When does lust fade? Romantic love, in it’s earliest stages, can be troublesome. The stories we tell ourselves about the people we’re intimate with can differ from reality. That dichotomy can be the root of our confusion and suffering.” One thing we’re not confused about is how much we’ll have this tune on repeat. Dive in below. “Lust for Luv” now available via Trailing Twelve Records and your favorite streaming platform.

23. August 2018 by admin
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