IHOS Premiere: Dynamique – “Ways of Love Remix EP”


We have a treat for you. Remember about two months ago when Dynamique teamed up with singer/songwriter Klory Starling to drop a new single. Well, three exquisite remixes of Dynamique’s “Ways Of Love” have landed and are primed for hours of replay thanks to the folks over at Popgang Records. You can catch three soulful cuts from Mateo RoksandicBoys Get Hurt and Noce. If that isn’t enough to get your attention, then you especially need to listen to each rendition.

Let’s start by saying it’s pretty hard to improve on the original, but these guys put in their own signature styles that pair beautifully with the original. First up we have Canadian producer Mateo Roksandic with a sultry, calm, cool and collected remix with slightly tropical tones and a mid-tempo speed that is perfect for poolside listening. Next is one of our favorite producers, Boys Get Hurt, with a more romantic and emotive perspective. He adds some atmospheric ocean waves and a tinge of melancholia to bring out the potency in the vocals/lyrics. The result is a heart-tugging remix that can be enjoyed on your bed with some headphones and no other distractions. And rounding out the package is up-and-comer Noce with a boost in the feel good vibes and the tempo. He knows exactly how to bring it back to the dance floor with a warm, bouncing groove that completely exudes the endless summer state of mind.

Three equally intoxicating versions of one song. You have one for morning, day and night. Medicine never tasted this good. You know what to do after the jump!

29. August 2017 by admin
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