HVOB – “Window (Exclusive EP Mix)”


Viennese duo HVOB–an obscure acronym of Her Voice Over Boys–have just a handful of releases and a year-old LP to their name, but exultant praise of their live performances keeps their profile high. Their most recent release, shown here in a wonderful Window EP Mix for trndmsk, is probably the closest thing North Americans will get to a live performance: no lazy crossfading here. Equal parts repackaging and highlights tour, the seamless mix boasts the EP’s confident, confessional songwriting and tie-dye production aesthetic while hinting at the smoldering energy of their live sets.

26-year-old Anna Müller acts as singer/songwriter and producer; partner Paul Wallner collaboratively produces the tracks with her in studio. Their sound has a femininity that evokes sultry violets and pastels, tones simultaneously light and deep, and recalls Labyrinth Ear‘s introspective moments. A typical track features vocals so breathy they peak at a whisper, percolating synths, muddy, unwavering 4/4 kicks, and house swing in miniature. In mixing their EP into a cohesive whole, HVOB show their dedication to crafting quality sounds and, perhaps more importantly, make a good show of their music.

03. December 2014 by Anthony Yarbrough
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