Horixon feat. Else Born – “Hello (NTEIBINT Remix)”


Some of the most potent dance tracks are the ones that not only get you on your feet and sweating it out, but also have lyrics and vocals that make you feel something. This next remix does exactly that. The song is called “Hello” and it’s the latest to come from Eskimo Recordings‘ heavyweights Horixon. The duo, composed of Monarchy’s Andrew Armstrong and producer Joseph Ashworth, has had previous collaborations with Else Born, but this has to be our favorite thus far. Along with the original the release comes with dub, instrumental and extended versions as well as two remixes from Aera and NTEIBINT. The standout for us is definitely that NTEIBINT version. The level of emotion and vulnerability in the vocals resonate deep and are made much more alluring with the funky twang of the bassline and that shimmering disco groove. Emotive and seductive just the way we like it. Stream this stellar remix after the jump!

13. September 2017 by admin
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