Goldroom – “Verano Mix 2015″


L.A’s feel good doctor Goldroom is here with a brand new “Verano Mix 2015″ trying to grasp onto the last few weeks of summer. In it you’ll find a slew of dreamy, dance worthy and even some familiar bangers that fit the theme perfectly. Like usual this mix is available for free download so don’t think about it twice! We leave you with Goldroom’s words about the mix:

“We’re closer to sunset than sunrise, the last rays of summer’s sun casting the long shadows once again. We can sprint to save the day, but those shadows only get taller. Autumn is on the way, and the long afternoons that felt like dreams soon will be just that. But there’s something beautiful about this time of year, when the sun is till here to bake you, but the heat feels a bit more urgent than lazy. Something is around the corner. Something big is coming.”

19. August 2015 by admin
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