Flight Facilities – “Arty Boy (Manila Killa + Dom Dolla Remixes)”


A second wave of remixes for “Arty Boy” have hailed down on us and we can’t get enough! This time around Flight Facilities have enlisted the formidable sound designers Manila Killa and Dom Dolla to put their own perspective on the FF original. Each remix has it’s own vibe meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Manila Killa constructs an uplifting and effervescent indie-electro rendition that sends Emma’s vocals soaring to new heights. His chord progressions hit all the right spots and that beautiful breakdown into the final build is definitely worth a couple dozen repeats. Earlier today Mixmag premiered a sultry house remix from fellow Aussie producer Dom Dolla who completely flipped the pop tinged original into a low end late night anthem. It’s a bit melancholic and haunting, but ultimately geared for the dance floor preferably during peak hour. Check out both after the jump. And catch the release this Friday, October 6th!

05. October 2017 by admin
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