Flight Facilities – “All Your Love ft. Dustin Tebbutt”


We finally get a full stream of the latest from Flight Facilities! The duo has been on tour for a little over a month now starting in New Zealand and Australia. And they are making their way to North America for the second part of their tour. So a few weeks ago the duo shared clip of one of the live shows where they invited fellow Australian musician Dustin Tebbutt to the stage to perform their new collaboration. It was the ultimate tease with just a few seconds of the track. So we’ve been waiting patiently for this new single and release day is finally here!

The duo delivers a breathtaking merging of folk and electronic. Dustin’s vocals are arresting and haunting with notes that take you to new heights. The lyrics are so beautiful and emotional. If there’s one thing we can always count on from FF it’s that they always bring a much needed love song. And the way they end it, stripping it down to a folk recording has us feeling all the feels. The tour is going to be amazing this year!

Grab “All Your Love” here.

30. May 2018 by admin
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