Downtown Party Network – “Disco Ball Drama EP”


Who’s up for some stellar disco grooves?  We know we are.  The Lithuanian duo known as Downtown Party Network have just dropped a brand-spanking-new EP dubbed the Disco Ball Drama EP through the Futureboogie imprint.  This is a little on the raunchy side for them and we love it!  The title track is blasting some seriously gritty arpeggios with a rump-shaking bass thump and chiming pads that won’t be ignored.  Then, “Keep On Running” comes in with an equally dance-worthy groove sporting a nasty little bassline.  And finally the closer is “No Drama Afterhours”, a lovely and deep house cut complete with cascading pad-work and a cosmic disco tinge.  This is the new age of disco folks.  This is really one of their best releases thus far.

12. July 2014 by admin
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