DOSS – “The Way I Feel (Recycle Culture’s Slow Emotion Reel)”


Acéphale, the imprint that brought you Elite Gymnastics, signed a budding producer/singer going by the moniker Doss. We don’t really know that much about her other than her knack for exquisite ambient soaked tracks. One of her latest gems “The Way I Feel” is remixed by Recycle Culture with stunning results. Right away we get a dose of Doss’ sultry whispering vocals with a sexy little bassline that leads into a truly mesmerizing melody. The undulating synths melt in your ear while a crisp key melody breaks through the hazy surface only to be inundated by silky vocals once more. The textures, tones and soundscapes displayed in this remix are beautifully handled and we can’t seem to take our fingers off that replay button.

Let this one sink in deep. And grab the free download via soundcloud!

01. October 2014 by admin
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