Dan Bodan – “Soft (LP)”

Dan Bodan

We here at IHOS enjoy pointing you in the direction of quality music and sometimes those tracks happen to land on the pop spectrum, but that doesn’t mean they should be glossed over. Berlin based singer/songwriter Dan Bodan is coming out with a new album via DFA Records on October 28th. This poignant and lush installment is appropriately titled ‘Soft’ and the folks over at VOGUE got their hands on a full album stream for a limited time!

The album features an array of producers like 18+, Stadium, Physical Therapy and Ville Haimala. Dan said he “worked with people who were interested more in developing a language for the album rather than just pasting their old ideas onto it.” And the result is a release with keenly felt emotions, deep and soulful productions and, of course, surging vocals. Dan has outdone himself with these 10 tracks. Head on over to VOGUE to stream the album in its full glory. Here is a taste of what you will find over there:

“You can say some really amazing things by screaming them in neon colors and broken noise,” he says. “But if you filter any really extreme emotion through a soft lens, it can get a lot more nuanced. Sex can become the sublime, anger can become malice.” He was inspired, in part, by Joni Mitchell’s use of the word “blue” on her seminal record of the same name—a metaphor that imbued every word of her album with a sense of melancholy…”

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