Daft Punk – “Fresh (Justin Faust Remix)”


This one is a direct result of the power of the internet. The blogosphere has been blowing up with excitement over the news that a genius Redditor (NORIA) discovered the main sample to Daft Punk‘s “Fresh” which has remained a mystery for over 20 years! Apparently the sample stems from Viola Wills’ 1981 disco gem “If You Leave Me Now.” So naturally everyone has been itching to experiment with it. And Justin Faust delivers his own rendition in all its glossy disco glory. The original sample is enhanced while he plays with the arrangement and adds soaring synth layers to give it that uplifting vibe. He takes it from the beach to outer space.

Grab it for free here. Read about the discovery over at HBF.

10. May 2017 by admin
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