Cubicolor – “Mirror Play (feat. Tim Digby-Bell)”


Considering the short time that they’ve been around Cubicolor has amassed quite a following. Could have been the endorsement and signing to Anjunadeep, but that would be too simple. There’s something enthralling and mesmerizing about their compositions that leaves a long term lasting effect. And each one can evoke a different feeling. Take their latest single for example, a track that tugs at the heart strings with a bit of melancholia that hurts so good.

It’s not about the next dance hit for them, this track is deep and majestic. There’s ambient overtones and an exquisite guitar melody paired with a smooth ebb and flow of the synths. And on top of all of that magic are resonant vocals from Tim Digby-Bell. Some of you may have recognized the track from the Anjunadeep Edition 93 mix and it’s even better hearing it now all by itself. Get an earful of the deep electronic bliss that is “Mirror Play.”

14. April 2016 by admin
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