Ciel – “Why Me?”


(Image by KEYI Studio)

When we first heard of Ciel she was not only talking the talk, but she was taking action around her community to make venues a safe space that gave ample room for female and nonbinary DJs to thrive and compiling a list of all the unbooked talent going unnoticed. Unfortunately, she ended up receiving a lot of noise from people with differing opinions. So, like a true creative force, she channeled that energy into creating a new EP called Why Me? The title track is the first taste we get and also happens to be the direct result of that negative energy. She creates something urgent, dissonant, heavy, with lush padwork and a sample from an “old film about a man who believes he’s been abducted by aliens.” The EP is dropping via Ghostly International‘s sub-label, Spectral Sound. Check out the title track after the jump.

30. April 2019 by admin
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