Chet Faker – “Gold (Flume Re-work)”


Everyone knows by now that Flume and Chet Faker are no strangers to collaborating with each other.  We can always expect something truly exceptional from both of them.  This latest rework of Chet Faker’s “Gold” by Flume really proves our point.  Flume continues to hold onto that innovative appeal that his music carries.  The sound is always a surprise, but the results are consistently stellar.

This rework is orchestral deep bass richness that meshes fluidly with Chet’s vocals.  That bass just floored us and we definitely had to turn this one all the way up.  The original evolves into a lush, brooding track that leaves you deep in thought.  There’s also something really cinematic and epic about it that we can’t get over.  But enough of the hype, hit the play button below and check it out in all its glory!  Trust us, you won’t want to gloss over this one.

08. July 2014 by admin
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