Chaos In The CBD – ‘Zona Del Silencio EP’


The guys from Chaos In The CBD take inspiration from the Mexican desert for their latest EP. The EP is named after the area deep in the Mexican desert known as the ‘Zona Del Silencio.’ The EP comes with two brand new tracks that build minimal, resounding and expansive soundscapes with layers on layers of percussion. The title track kicks off with eerie synths undulating over a flurry of crisp percussion and sweat inducing tempo. On the flip side we have “Unsound Mind” with its powerful display of tribal drums, swinging bass and a build on that recurring theme of eerie, spatial atmospherics. Here’s a bit more about the release:

“Zona Del Silencio or the Zone of Silence is an area deep in the Mexican desert. It is the home of several rare, mutant species of animals (including the purple cactus and a malformed version of the desert tortoise). The area’s name derives from an odd anomaly that prohibits radio waves from transmitting inside the zone. When asked about the strange phenomena, the locals invariably reply that they do not see strange things in the desert, only strange people.”

The EP is out now in the UK via Chaos In The CBD’s In Dust We Trust label. Grab it here.

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