Caribou – “Our Love”


A few months ago, Caribou aka Daniel Victor Snaith released the v. emotionally-charged ‘Can’t Do Without You’. Now they’re back again with this moodier track. Both tracks are from their imminent album ‘Our Love’, which will be released via Merge October 7th. It’s been 4 years since the release of ‘Odessa’— a personal all time favorite track, and I know I can add these upcoming tracks to that list. This new EP won’t be short of his previous productions; instead, this track builds a story of love—love that neither intersects nor separates. It exists on a holographic plane painted on a cosmological horizon inlaid with entangled vocal stylings. The commanding synths creates the progression of this love uncategorized but felt. If you want a piece of this out of body experience, listen now.

21. August 2014 by Leona Chen
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