Brooke Fraser – “Kings & Queens (Zimmer Remix)”


Zimmer proves once again that he has a keen ear for great music. His latest remix is for one of our favorite pop tracks this year from New Zealand’s songbird Brooke Fraser titled “Kings & Queens.“ The song comes with a beautifully uplifting message and a melody that makes you want to jump around the room for hours. Here is the brief statement Zimmer had about the remix:

“I made this remix in Seoul, wandering around the city at night to find inspiration.”

Leave it to Zimmer to find a great track with a message of self-discovery while he wanders the city for inspiration. And the best part is that the ethereal melody that he creates definitely reads as the perfect soundtrack to a late night walk through the city in those hazy hours right before dawn and eventually sunrise. We can all relate to those crucial late night moments when inspiration suddenly hits and the creativity flows with no end. The track captures the serenity of a lonely city street in that cool and collected melody while builds that overflow into spatial grooves composed of power chords and shimmering pads encapsulate the moments of utter inspiration and discovery.

These milky soundwaves are made that much richer with Brooke’s nurturing vocals. Soft, warm, mesmerizing, stirring and blissful all come to mind each time we hear it. This is what inspiration sounds like. Hit play and drift away.

27. November 2014 by admin
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