Breakbot – ’2GOOD4ME”


Breakbot return with the second single from the forthcoming full length titled ‘Still Waters.’ The album is slated to come via the ever-so-iconic label Ed Banger Records on February 5th. Our first thought was that the track must have been heavily inspired by the R&B jams of yesteryear (the 90s) and it looks like we were right: “It’s us trying our best to make an R&B tune—except that, rather than talk about money, girls and clothes, the song is about guilt and forgiveness. The synths and vocal treatment give it a very modern feel, but the live bass and hi-hats keep it very retro.”

And we’re really into that – it’s nice to have a breath of fresh air from the superficial stuff once in a while. Also, we’re craving a really a blue martini – not sure if that’s pure coincidence or just good branding.

15. January 2016 by admin
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