Borneland & Falcon Punch – “Night Time (ft. Line Gøttsche) (NTEIBINT Remix)”

The Borneland brothers and Falcon Punch collaborated on a soulful cut titled “Night Time” which took them about two years to finalize. In that time they traveled to the U.S., Denmark and Slovenia where they picked up collaborators along the way like vocals from Line Gøttsche of Denmark and that sexy sax work from Anton Krutov of Slovenia. The brothers and Falcon Punch have released two new remixes from NTEIBINT and AIMES along with a rework from them. The one we want to focus on is this super sultry and soulful remix from NTEIBINT that melts in your ear. It’s perfect for sipping on a cocktail as you ride these blissed out soundwaves.

27. December 2017 by admin
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