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The book we never knew we needed is currently in the works over on Kickstarter thanks to two music journalists by the names of Lina Abascal and Meaghan Garvey. There’s a pretty hilarious hashtag that was started on twitter with various images like the one above that bring back plenty of memories from the Bloghouse era. We love everything about this project and we’re actually surprised there hasn’t been a book on this already! Here’s a short description about the project:

Created by writer Lina Abascal and writer and artist Meaghan Garvey, the two creatives combined their experiences in Los Angeles and small town Indiana and Chicago, respectively, in the bloghouse scene from 2006-2012 to create an anthology of the niche, but important, cultural moment.

A self published paperback book, Bloghouse: The Book will be filled with original artwork by Garvey, personal essays, fiction, never-before-published interviews from favorite artists on labels like Dim Mak, Fools Gold, Ed Banger, and more, blending music criticism with stories that happen to take place in the bloghouse universe.

You’ll catch yourself reminiscing on all the top notch music that surfaced during those years like Erol Alkan’s remixes, Fred Falke’s remix for The Whitest Boy Alive, Aeroplane, the iconic remixes of Klaxons originals, Justice, Digitalism, Van She, Uffie, Simian Mobile Disco and the list goes on and on. Not just the music but also  the parties, the raves, the crazy (and sometimes cringe worthy) style, etc. is all covered with a loving touch that pokes fun, critiques and brings back fond memories. We’re super pumped about this book coming out and all of you that lived through the Bloghouse years should be too! Support the Kickstarter campaign here.

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