Bearoid – “Dawn At Home EP”


After months of hard work in the studio, Barcelona based singer and producer Dani Belenguer, a.k.a Bearoid, finally delivers a follow up to his ‘Sleep’ EP from last year. This new endeavor is called Dawn At Home‘ EP and just as the name suggests Dani takes his inspiration from dawns in the home where he grew up. Champagne Records describes it as:

“Dawn at Home, his new maxi, is dedicated to the dawns at his house in La Canyada, where he was born and raised. A dawn at home is a timeless moment of mental peace, omnipresent light, natural noises and fragrances, human silence, the happy thought that he uses as a hook to refill his soul with energy and motivation.”

Apart from vocals that make you melt, each track carries its own energy. “Bad Karma” kicks things off with a bouncing electro synth groove worthy of a good dance session. Next up is “Little Girl” a beautiful and sensual ode to the love you feel for a special someone topped off with a groovy slow jam perfect for a soft slow dance. “Northern Lights” kicks it up a notch with a pulsing club energy while “Teenage Fantasy” delivers the final electronic pop blow. This is a top notch EP with no dull moments. We highly recommend snatching this one up folks!

03. August 2015 by admin
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