Authr – “Breathe / Belief”


There is nothing better than stumbling upon a very promising new talent. We here at IHOS thrive on finding emerging producers and keeping up with their evolution and progress. Authr, a.k.a Couros Sheibani, is one of those artists. He is based out of London and so far has two tracks up on his soundcloud that have us salivating for more!

His debut single is titled “Breathe”, an eerily uplifting progression of arpeggiating chords with some jazzy flares topped off by dreamy vocals. The track oozes garage influences with stunning attention put on the melody. It is definitely refreshing to hear something so subdued and not over-the-top with excessive production. Grab this one as a free download here.

The B-side is titled “Belief” and it begins with a bubbling pad melody flanked by subtle ambient tones flowing back and forth to create a majestic intro good enough to wake up to everyday. And once the R&B-esque vocals chime in we instantly began to melt. The groove picks up the tempo a bit and a feel-good dance track breaks the surface. We are definitely keeping a close eye on this budding producer who has come as a pleasant surprise this year. Enjoy!

05. September 2014 by admin
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